Bunny Clogs kids' music CDI think that one of my roles as a parent is to expose my kids to music
that doesn’t suck, so when I see one of them reaching to put
on Bunny Clogs’ CD, More! More! More!, I breathe a little sigh of relief
that they are choosing something so unique, funky and lyrically
amazing. In fact this kids’ CD is so super cool, I could hear a couple of
the songs playing late night in the clubs I used to frequent back in
the day.

Adam Levy is no stranger to
the music scene himself; his main band The Honeydogs and side project Hookers $
Blow — try explaining that one to your kids — have been around for a good
long time. With Bunny Clogs, Adam has put together a real family effort,
using his daughters’ adorable vocals and his son’s amazing artwork all
over the family-friendly CD.

Sounding a bit like Bob Dylan and Prince’s illicit love child, Adam mixes funk and hip hop with new-age electronica and
old-school horns. But it isn’t just the sound that draws us again and again to More! More! More! but lyrics in songs like Olive’s Olives with its awesomely singable chorus: “I love all of Olive’s olives” (say that three times fast). The stories laid out in Confessions of a Teenage Lima Bean and Velveeta Girl and Squatsy could come from the pages of a Shel Silverstein collection, while the chorus in Butter is just fun to sing at the top of your lungs. Amidst all the silliness though, the piano-backed anthem Song for Powderhorn and quietly pretty Lullaby Pie have lovely, uplifting messages that choke me up every time.

How many stars can I give an album? Let’s do that many then. –Christina

You can listen to samples and get a copy of Bunny Clogs’ More! More! More! on their MySpace page.

Congratulations to Pippa S, winner of a copy of Bunny Clogs’ More! More! More!