GoGirl Feminine Urination Device
When we got this pitch in our inboxes yesterday for the GoGirl “feminine urination device” Kristen and I were like um, weird.

Or no, wait…on second thought:


Because suddenly I remembered that among the many things I do not miss about being pregnant was having to pee every 8.6 seconds or so. Sometimes while I was in the car. Sometimes while I was waiting behind 60000 other women at a stadium. Frankly, there were enough times I actually considered making use of an empty water bottle in my bag that this GoGirl probably would have been a gift from heaven.

From what I can tell it’s just a flexible pink silicone funnel that fits against you snugly and funnels into a receptacle with a cute logo. (The cute logo part is very important.)

Before you say gross, let me just remind you that 1. Guys touch their own pee daily. 2. If you’ve got kids, handling your own pee is the least of the disgusting things you will be touching in this lifetime. You know it’s true. –Liz

Find the GoGirl feminine urination device from go-girl.com


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