Organic Teething Toys
We’re on tooth number three here and I’m desperate to offer any type of teething relief I can to my poor grouchy baby. At the top of my arsenal of soothers: the Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon found at CMP fave Kai Kids.

These mom-made teething cloths are made from a combination of organic cotton flannel and wool, and allow your baby to chomp without freezing their little hands. Just dip the end knots into water, leave the center dry, and then stick in the freezer until duty calls. So so smart! If you’re out and about without a freezer in your purse, no worries; this teething toy is so dense that they’ll enjoy gumming it to death even if it’s not icy cold. -Kristen

Use code “CMPbonbon” for 10% off your order.

Visit Kai Kids for teethers plus an amazing selection of eco-friendly and natural toys and gifts.

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