Peep: A little book about taking a leap
If you’re looking for a graduation gift for the preschooler in your life – or even the high schooler who’s not so cool she can’t appreciate a sweet children’s book –  Peep: A Little Book About Taking a Leap gets a big thumbs up from me.

Maria van Lieshout’s charming story of a baby chick trying to follow his mom down off a big scary curb wlll captivate kids with the old “try, try again” theme. Think The Little Engine that Could meets the Mo Willems’ pigeon books, but without the edge. I love the adorably sparse art direction and beautiful typography, and how the story is simple enough that even my two year-old gets it. Plus, like Maria’s first book, Bloom which we fell in love with last year, there’s a fun little surprise at the end that keeps the story from being all lesson and no laughs.

The humor, by the way, also keeps you from crying every time you think of how big and independent your little baby is becoming. Surely that’s not just me. –Liz

Find Peep: A Little Book About Taking a Leap by Maria van Lieshout online at our affiliate Peep: Amazon where you’ll also find her other books, Bloom and Splash – and find other goodies from the author at her own website, A Little Book


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