Putumayo Kids' European Playground kids' music CD
It’s already been ten years that Putumayo’s eclectic playground series has been introducing families like mine to kid-friendly music from around the globe — from New Orleans, Brazil and even a multi-cultural Sesame Street. And now the new European Playground takes us on a spirited jaunt across the Atlantic.

Even if your kids are too young

to know the difference between
Switzerland and Spain, they’ll still love listening to this collection
of diverse family-friendly songs. Starting off with the bouncy Trampolin from the Finnish/Swedish Sas & Kopp and ending with a pretty instrumental Sandy River Belle by Sharon Shannon (who is, of course, Irish), it really doesn’t matter that my kids and I don’t understand most of the lyrics. The music is eclectic and memorable and makes for a fun game of Guess The Country.

While you are listening, you can flip through the colorful CD jacket and impart some fun facts about both the countries and artists, written in English, Spanish, French and German for all your multilingual show offs.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be even more determined to take your kids to Europe someday to experience the diversity and culture it offers. I just want to wait until they’re old enough to be more impressed with The Louvre than the movie playing on the trans-Atlantic flight. -Christina

Get the newly released Putumayo Kids’ European Playground kids’ music CD from our affiliate Amazon. 1% of the sales from this CD will go to the non-profit European Federation for Street Children.

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