Bird cafe bird feeder craft for kids from The Little ExperienceCraft kits are perfect for moms lacking that creativity gene, but then there are moms like me who combine both lack of creativity with an aversion to clutter. Our kids happily create, but then we wonder what to do with the (precious and unique but totally useless) results.

The kids’ craft kits from The Little Experience are right up my rainy-day alley.  Not only are these craft kids an ideal way to spend an afternoon or two, I’m really impressed by all the cool stuff you can make whether your kids are 3 or 13. We (and by “we”, I mean my husband and our girls) built a bird cafe which is now proudly hanging from a tree in our backyard.

These kits would make a cute gift from kiddos to their young hosts while visiting family and friends this summer.  Or even better, a new big brother or big sister gift, guaranteeing a little quality time with a parent who’ll no doubt welcome the distraction. -Julie

Find a great selection of The Little Experience craft kits at CMP fave The Pajama Squid

Congratulations to Heidi D, lucky winner of a craft kit from The Little Experience!