Wee See Baby DVDS
Well it’s about time someone reinvented the proverbial wheel of sensory stimulation baby videos, and in this case that someone is award-winning graphic designer and dad Rolyn Barthelman, creator of the ingenious Wee See collection of DVDs. Let’s just say I popped it in — by myself — and immediately started smiling.

The two 30-minute videos are made up of imaginative, high contrast animations of basic black and white shapes, accompanied by terrific scoring by Tim Deluaghter of The Polyphonic Spree. It’s all very MOMA store, if you know what I mean. Or as they call it, “part art installation, part pacifier.” But in fact it makes perfect sense from a developmental standpoint; in other words, if you’re going to plop your baby in front of the tube for a few minutes while you get your first shower in days, this series is a good bet.

I also like the silent flashcard mode for when you want to control the pace and sound for younger babies- – or even older kids starting to grasp basic geometric concepts.

Wee See is artful, it’s smart, and when your 9 month old outgrows it, save it until he’s a
pothead college student and he’ll enjoy it all over again. (No, I’m kidding! Don’t send me hate mail.) –Liz

Find the Wee See baby DVDs online through the Wee See World store where you can also get a sneak peek.

Congratulations to Jeannine L, lucky winner of a set of Wee DVDs and a Wee See tote!


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