Isabella Oliver Maternity Lingerie
These was no way in heck I could wear regular underwear when I was pregnant. Between my growing belly and bum, and my desire to have absolutely nothing grabbing or pulling on me, I had to give in and purchase the special maternity underpants, which let’s face it, are about as sexy as wearing a wind sock.

Wait, they sort of are like wearing a wind sock.

Well, too bad for me but very lucky for you current mamas-to-be that the super stylish Isabella Oliver just came out with an amazing line of maternity lingerie. We’ve already espoused the greatness of their designer maternity clothes, and now we’re just as smitten with their lacy underthings.

Check out those French knickers (ooh la la)–gorgeous lace paired with comfortable bamboo cotton, plus a bow that’s more than decorative, it actually allows you to adjust the waist  And at $39 it’s only slightly on the splurgey side. Who says pregnancy isn’t hot? -Kristen

Check out the complete line of maternity lingerie at Isabella Oliver.


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