SwaddleDesigns Swaddling Blanket
With a baby born in almost every season, I’d have to say that I had the hardest time swaddling my oldest, a July in Mississippi baby, mostly because the last thing you really want to do is wrap a hot little baby up tightly in a blanket. That’s why we’ve been a fan in the past of muslin swaddling blankets like the ones from Aden and Anais.

Now our latest find from the company goes one step lighter with their organic cotton swaddling blankets. More gauzey than the muslin version, the soft, lightweight cotton allows you to snuggle your wee one up in a little cocoon without having to worry about night sweats.

Another choice are the swaddlers from SwaddleDesigns (pictured). Made from soft marquisette cotton fabric with a stylish mod pattern, these blankets have a lovely stitched edging that makes them a bit fancier than whatever you might swipe from the hospital.

While neither blanket can guarantee hours of precious sleep at a time, considering how all three of my kids loved to be swaddled, it’s about as close as that guarantee comes.  -Kristen

Find lovely SwaddleDesigns swaddlers at Cattiwampus and organic Aden and Anais swaddling blankets online at Aden and Anais

Congratulations to Sara S, winner of the swaddlers!


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