The day I was contacted about the new site Alice, I had run out of toilet paper. And since they promised to make sure I would never run out again, you can bet my interest was piqued. So I became a beta tester. And I liked the site so much I’m even trying to figure out other ways we can work with them because I think you’ll like them too.

This isn’t your ordinary discount shopping website. It’s got a cheeky tone and a fun sensibility that seems aimed at today’s recession-chic discount shoppers that don’t ordinarily clip coupons from the Sunday papers. Even trendanistas wipe their butts, right?

Basically with a free account (go now! They just launched today.) you can shop online for everything you might have purchased at your local drug or grocery store. A helpful category system allows you to track all your household products instead of purchasing them on impulse, which I’m terribly guilty of — think kind of like Netflix for trash bags and toothpaste. The prices are great, the coupons are automatic, and the shipping is free.

Aside from the helpful and–very–gentle reorder reminders when you login, I love that you can find smaller indie brands mixed in with the main stuff, including CMP ultra fave Better Life cleaning products. Plus, you get it all delivered right to your doorstep. That’s got to be at least one less grocery store tantrum a month. -Kristen

Get home delivery on household products at great prices from

  When you spend your first $50 on the site, you will automatically get a $10 credit in your Alice account. Nice.

EDITED TO ADD: After careful consideration, we have decided to join the Alice affiliate program which is similar to that of Amazon. If you sign up through this link or those on this post which is now updated, you’ll be helping to support Cool Mom Picks (a teeny bit) with any purchases you make – and people you yourself refer will be helping to support you. See how cool that is? Of course you are always welcome to sign up through regular old

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