children's peace sign belt
I think somewhere in my heart I’m a damn dirty hippie with all this suppressed nostalgia for the Woodstock era. Of course that would be the Pepsi commercial version of Woodstock, where all the guys are hot and shirtless, the tie-dyes are cute and clean, and the port-o-johns are yet unused.

In any case, it’s probably why I got a kick out of the new children’s peace belt from CMP fave Myself Belts. The khaki ribbon is a nice neutral (way less pink than it looks in the photo) alternating with little pink peace signs, the word “peace,” and burgundy flower clusters.

Best of all, like all their belts, it’s made so that kids can put it on and take it off by themselves, especially those starting to use the bathroom by themselves: One end snaps around the belt loop, then after you thread it through the hooks, the other end velcros on and off easily.

It’s a little themey, sure, but really very cute on a kid too young to get any don’t eat the brown acid jokes. –Liz

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