y water
Since bringing home a few bottles of Y Water to try out, my kids have been asking for it pretty much hourly. And that is saying something, because getting them to drink water lately is like getting them to eat foods that aren’t white.

Basically the stuff is like a certified organic Vitamin Water but better tasting if you ask me. Combos of antioxidants and vitamins give each one a name like Brain Water, Muscle Water, or my favorite, Immune Water.

I know your next question. And the answer is, yes indeedy there’s sugar in it – 10-11 grams per bottle (about 2 servings for little kids) from evaporated cane juice – but with nearly half the calories of orange juice, it’s actually a decent juice alternative. And more eco than juice boxes (if harder to stack neatly in the fridge), since the company will pay for you to send back the bottles for recycling.

Or instead of sending them back, get a set of these little Y Knot connector doodads for free, that let the kids attach the bottles end to end and build stuff out of them. So Y water really does help their little brains after all. At least when the bottles are empty. –Liz

Buy Y Water through the Y Water store (make sure to grab a set of those free Y Knots) or a store near you.

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