Korres wild rose moisturizer I’ve been hearing great things about the natural beauty brand Korres for a while, so when they opened a shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood I was excited to get a chance to check it out. And by check it out I mean beg the sales girl for as many trial size samples as she was willing to part with.

I am hereby kicking myself for not having stopped in there the very second the shop opened, for this stuff is just marvelous in every way. And now that there’s a brand new Korres online shop that just launched this week, you don’t even have to live in Brooklyn (or Greece) to get your hands on it.

I am slow to switch skincare brands – when something works for me I stick with it – but I found myself squeezing out every last drop of the lightweight, brightening Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer and then mourning the day it was gone. (And don’t worry, it won’t make you smell like your grandmother.) I’ve also been delighting in the Materia Herba eye cream which hails from their growing organic skin care line and is free of everything you pretty much want your skin care products to be free from. It’s not heavy or greasy and so far I’m really liking the results.

I’ve also officially made the daily commitment to the Korres Wild Rose Liquid foundation so if you happen to meet me and decide my complexion looks dewy and delicious and even, you’ll know why.

korres liquid foundationEverything about this Greek company is cool from their roots in homeopathic medicine and herbal remedies, to their strong committment to eco-consciousness and consumer transparency. In fact their labeling tells you the exact amount of natural ingredients inside, down to a tenth of a percent. And it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is all exquisite and everything smells like something you want to slather all over you any chance you get.

Warning to the nice sales girl: I’ll be back. And this time I’m bringing a bigger bag. –Liz

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