quilted blanket
I’m from small-town Iowa, so when my daughter was born, the Quilting Ladies (as they are known) whipped up something custom, no problem. I didn’t even have to ask. But fear not, Quilting Lady-less mamas, for Etsy has delivered once again.

Baby Jayne’s quilted blankets have the piercing/batting/quilting/edging quality of aging Lutheran church ladies’ work, but these lovingly handmade baby quilts can be had by anyone with a credit card and mailing address. I’m also impressed by the design of these blankets, especially the classic looking black and butter cream baby quilt which would appeal to even you city folks who don’t necessarily think of yourselves as quilt people. Particularly with the black edging option.

The price? Just $45 for a 30×30 blanket. Those are Iowa approved prices too. -Rita

Find handmade quilted blankets from Baby Jaynes

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