The Time Machine kids' music CDThey grow up so fast, I’ve said a million times, and while they’re still little I want to introduce them to the coolest indie-vibe kids’ music I can. Like CMP fave The Sippy Cups’ new CD The Time Machine.

Mixing bits
of “stop and smell the roses” wisdom with fun-loving trippy pop/rock, I wonder if the band is talking to the kids or the parents
when they sing in the title track, We spend our days in search of love/And wish the time
to linger on and on and on and on
. Sigh. Off to go hug the kids again.

As with their last CD, Electric Storyland, the Sippy Cups’ music keeps you grooving in your seat and the lyrics are
worth reading on their own. All the goofy
playfulness of the six-member band — who are amazing live by the way — is fully evident throughout the album, but gets the right amount of edge with the influence I can discern from bands like Pink Floyd, The Who, Radiohead and The Flaming Lips.

Catchy sing-along
numbers like My Loose Tooth will have the kids shimmying to the chorus, and the
funky, groovalicious Don’t Remove the Groove has them doing a freeze
dance to stop global warming; I can’t say I understand that advice
but it is sure fun to play along. And, I guess that is the point: if
you worry too much about what it all means, you’ll miss all the fun.

The Sippy Cups’ The Time Machine is available from our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Kathy P, winner of a copy of The Time Machine!