Handmade airplane applique hand towels
Just when I thought I could get away with absolutely nothing plane related in at least one room in my house, I happen upon the new acrobatic airplane hand towels exclusively at Mahar Drygoods.

Granted, I don’t necessarily need to buy them, but they’re actually a great alternative to kid bathroom decor that typically involves licensed characters, garish colors, or worse, a combination of the two.

Handmade by Kathy Steig, these whimsical airplane towels make the perfect bathroom addition, whether you’ve got a pilot and a couple of mini pilot-wannabes in the house like us, or just some kids who just need a little incentive to actually put the bathroom sink to use. -Kristen

Visit Mahar Drygoods for a slew of fantastic vintage inspired gifts, and kids’ decor.


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