The perfect partyI want to be a good hostess, really I do. But my idea of throwing a party involves opening a few bottles of wine and putting steaks on the grill. I’m a little shaky where it comes to the details that elevate a party from fun to fabulous.

Purple Trail is exactly what entertaining-impaired hostesses like me need. It’s not just another online invitation service–though the design options are endless and gorgeous and totally ad-free.  What makes Purple Trail so appealing to me are the unique party ideas like diaper poker (I guess if you have to play a lame baby shower game it might as well involve gambling – and hopefully alcohol) and expert guidance on everything from wine pairing to decor ideas.

Even without an impending party to plan, it was fun just reading through all the articles. Not all of the party ideas at Purple Trail are completely up our alley — a lot of the kids’ party themes revolve around cartoon characters, princesses and pirates — but there’s enough to serve as inspiration for those who need it most.  -Julie

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