tee juice fabric markers art
My days of drawing rock band logos on my knees are long gone, but life would have been a lot easier if the non-toxic  Tee Juice fabric markers were around back then.

My son and his friends tried them out during the world’s best playdate, and I found the thick roll-tip markers were especially good for little hands. The vibrant colors are great on everything from white tees to canvas sneakers, tote bags or nylon laundry sacks–good news for parents of scouts and sleep-away campers.

The paint flows easily without being too gooey or too dry; just make sure to put a piece of poster board inside the t-shirt so the ink doesn’t bleed through to the back. (Although my son did decide it looked cool anyway.) Then set the designs by ironing it for 2-3 minutes and voila–a wearable masterpiece that will last forever. Or at least until their next growth spurt.

Also cool? You can enter your artwork in the Tee Juice weekly contests. There’s a whole category for 12 and under, just for your budding Warhol. -Betsy

Find Tee Juice fabric markers online from art supply stores like DickBlick or find a store near you on the Jacquard site.

Congratulations to Shana F, lucky winner of a set of Tee Juice markers!

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