GoGo Squeez Applesauce
I have to admit that the drinkable foods sort of freak me out. Applesauce with no spoon? Oh, the horror. But wouldn’t you know it, my kids can suck down the GoGo Squeez resealable applesauce in one huge gulp.

Even I find myself getting over my issues and snatching up the yummy GoGo Squeez packets made by Materne, a French Company who’s been perfecting the art of applesauce since the 19th Century (no lie). And believe me, you can tell. The packs are plain fruit goodness — a combination of apples with strawberries or bananas — and absolutely no additives, preservatives, or sugars.

(Edited to add: Previous versions of the product had added sugar, but this one…does not. Nice move, Materne!)

They’re simply perfect for lunchboxes or snacks on the go. And they even taste delicious just poured into a bowl. You know, for those of us who dare to use silverware. -Kristen

Order GoGo Squeez from their website.

Congratulations to Jennifer L, Donna H, Laura B, Jill W, and Debbie F – lucky winners of a box of GoGo Squeez packets!

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