Kid Basix Safe Sporter Drinking Cup
When my daughter turned five last month, we decided to be completely done with any cups with a top. That’s all fine and dandy when we’re home, but it does make life a little difficult when we’re on the road.

So instead of buying stock in juice boxes and plastic sports bottles, I’ve got my daughter using the new, BPA-free Safe Sporter from Kid Basix, a kid-sized stainless steel sport cup that bridges that gap between sippies and regular drinking cups. The wide mouth is easy to clean and the spout is truly easy pull — I’m not being asked every three seconds to “open” her drink. It’s got an attached lid which I love, and it fits easily into my daughter’s lunch box, my bag, and even our cup holders (hooray!).

Of course all my daughter cared about was that it came in hot pink. Story of my life. -Kristen

Find the Kid Basix Safe Sporter along with their Safe Sippy at The Soft Landing.
And get 15% off your order at the Soft Landing with “coolmom15”

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