striped baby bib
As we mentioned in our back to school shopping guide (you have been to our back to school shopping guide, right?) stripes are huge for this fall. But they’re not only for the school aged among us. At Australia’s trendy Moppit clothing, I spotted the awesome striped bib in the shop’s sale section, featuring the word homemade in a sweet blue cloud and I absolutely love it.

And yes, i think homemade is referring to the child under it, not the bib itself. And probably not the food all over it either. That is, if you’re me.

If your kids are in fact heading back to school, check out the shop for some cool kids clothes. Even though our Ozzie friends are heading into spring (crazy, backwards Australians), you can find some nifty tees, jeans, hoodies, and cotton jersey dresses perfect for cool September breezes. –Liz

Find great clothes for babies and kids clothes at Australian webshop Moppit

EDITED TO ADD: Moppit just generously offered a 30% discount for CMP readers on online purchases for kids and babies through August 24! Use promo code COOLMOM.


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