mika&blu cloth napkins for kidsOne of biggest and easiest green changes I made in our house was that I started using cloth napkins instead of paper. But it’s amazing how hard it is to find cute cloth napkins for the kids, let alone ones that aren’t so big they might as well have a whole table cloth tucked under their chins.

Enter the ridiculously adorable embroidered cloth napkins from mika&bu. Made from 100% organic cotton, these reusable napkins are the perfect size for little kid mouths, hands, and laps (I can wish, right?), all with graphics that are super cute without being too cutesie.

My kids are a fan of the Jet design (pictured) but the others, like Twig and Wally (robots!), are just as fabulous. In fact, you could just as easily use them for your own packed lunches if you’re looking for something in a more portable size.

While you’re stocking up, check out mika&bu’s petite bags, which can double as reusable lunch sacks and just so happen to coordinate with their napkin sets. You could have a complete eco-friendly lunch bag makeover in just a few clicks. -Kristen 

Visit mika&bu for cloth napkins for kids and reusable bags and lunch sacks.

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Congratulations to Marla W.. lucky winner of the Mika&bu cloth napkin and bag set!