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While we try to support our local mom and pops as much as possible, I’m delighted to hear that the behemoth that is Toys R Us has just put out their 15th annual guide to toys for differently-abled kids to help support the special needs community.

I love that all the toys are categorized not by ability or age, but by ten skill sets in part determined with the help of the nonprofit National Lekotek Center. That way you can decide what’s best for your own kid, whether it’s fine motor skills, language skills, social skills or self-esteem.

The site is a bit of a crazy fest (I was forced to watch that Whoopie Goldberg video intro like six times before I found the page with all the skill categories) but once you get there you’ll find  gems from favorites like Melissa & Doug, Crayola and Play-Doh along with your typical mass-produced Chinese-made plastic stuff. My favorites were definitely the items in the creativity section.

Toys that all kinds of children can enjoy? Thumbs up. –Liz

Find the downloadable guide to toys for differently-abled kids or just view it online at Toys R Us


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