We’re so excited to bring you the first of our new weekly Etsy round-ups. Tune in every Wednesday for more delicious handmade goodness.

Everyone knows that when you go back to school, it is IMPERATIVE to have the coolest stuff. (Although I believe I had Holly Hobby materials three years in a row). One option is to grab some handmade school supplies from Etsy, like this selection of pencil cases which caught my eye.

The little guy up top makes me giggle. I love the teeth. I love the eyes. I love the bright colors. Okay, I admit it. I kind of like the whole thing. And since you’re getting the big, orange guy, why not get his little, yellow brother for lunch money? Chomp! Check out Bryce the great pencil case and his friends at Zomb’s shop.

Monkey Rock Zipper Pouch

Who doesn’t love monkeys? No one, that’s who. Kukubee (who made the adorable I Love Books pencil case we featured earlier this week) does a wonderful job painting scenes kids will love longer than any TV character. Maybe this monkey pencil case is perfect for your little monkey.

Wonka Laffy Taffy Candy Wrapper

Remember eating Laffy Taffy and getting it stuck all over your teeth? And then you couldn’t get it off and it stayed there for a few days, sealing your teeth in a mold you could make dentures from, which you needed when all your teeth rotted and fell out? Because you ate Laffy Taffy? Now it’s come back as a recycled candy wrapper pencil case from Trashbagg that will not so much as look sideways at your teeth. It just wants to hold the pencils of a child in a very careful and protective way.

Robot Pencil Case

If I don’t call this robot pencil case from Rohmer’s shop “darling” or “adorable,” my son might use it. But I don’t know if I can help myself. My daughter won’t mind if I coo at it and she likes robots, too. I guess I’m good either way. Also don’t miss the pretty Koi Fish case which should be reserved just for grown ups.

Twilight Inspired Cartoon Zipper Pouch

So, there is this show. With vampires? Maybe you’ve heard of it? I could get Kukubee’s Twilight inspired pencil case for a tween girl (or maybe myself–am I right ladies? Go Team Edward!) and easily make her the most popular kid in class. –Leah, CMP’s incredible new contributor. Yay Leah!

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