Newton boys' tee
With my daughter starting kindergarten, I’ve been thinking a lot about kids thinking lately. And more specifically: how to make thinking cool to my kid. Part of the problem? Pop culture surrounds kids with celebrations of the body, not the mind. That’s why I love the new Thinkers Collection of kids’ tees at Peek … Aren’t You Curious?

The innovative t-shirt designs turn ideas from Newton, Einstein, Descartes and Copernicus into teams to cheer on. But they’re not ordinary shirts–these fabulously constructed 2-in-1 thermal tees combine adult-clothing detailing and quality with kid-approved softness — lessons taken from co-founder Amy Williams’ experience launching Gap Body and Gap Maternity.

I always think it’s cool when a woman can retire from corporate America and make a living from her dream. Especially while encouraging kids to dream their own. – Rita

Get the Thinkers Collection
of tees at Peek … Aren’t You Curious? and get free shipping through Sept 2 with code COOLPICKS

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