VolunteerSpot online scheduling and organizing toolsMy kids have been back to school for a few weeks already, and my inbox runneth over. I need more volunteers for the coupon drive, says the coordinator. This is quickly followed by a bevy of reply-alls which are making me crazy, so I can only imagine the poor coordinator is already drinking heavily.

If only we were using VolunteerSpot, a free online volunteer scheduling tool, everyone would know exactly what was needed when, without reply-all-ing the entire school.

The coordinator simply hops online, creates the necessary schedule of needs (slotting both people to participate and items for drop-off), and then she can easily email out the link or create a widget for posting somewhere appropriate, like on the PTA website. As an end user, you can then go peruse the calendar and slot yourself in when and where it’s convenient. The coordinator is kept apprised of calendar changes and can easily oversee the entire event, without having to enter every detail herself.

Easy peasy. And it saves me from hearing about how you can’t possibly be there Wednesday because your dog’s having surgery or whatever. So, you know, that’s good, too. -Mir

Check out VolunteerSpot before organizing your next school event. It’s free!