Coloring Can Be Funny kids' coloring bookOf course every parent thinks every scribble their child does is a collectible masterpiece, but in the case of the Coloring Can Be Funny coloring book, I think it’s kinda true.

Talented, ?ber-hip artist, S. Britt, turned a bunch of his whimsical doodles into pages and pages of story starters that kids can build on, plus creative “how to” ideas like creating a magnetic puppet theater with some cardboard, a paperclip and a magnet. How very MacGyver.

These coloring books are limited editions, signed, numbered and Britt even throws in a sticker and some postcards. Oh, and they’re only 5 bucks. Commence buying…now.–Betsy

You can find Coloring Can Be Funny exclusively at Shop on Esty.

[via junior society