Lunch Punch sandwich cutters
Before I had kids, I vowed that I would force them to eat the crusts on their sandwiches.. And then I had children who hated crusts.

Now I’m eating their crusts and my words.

With the Lunch Punch, you kill two birds with one stone — cutting off the crusts while making a sandwich in a cute shape your kids will eat. These sandwich cutters are actually taller than cookie cutters so they cut through both pieces of bread without flattening your sandwich. And since they’re shaped like puzzle pieces or animals, think about how cool you’ll look when your kid opens his lunch box.

If you’re worried about wasting food – don’t. You’ve now got the makings of bird food, bread crumbs, stuffing or croutons. All from those horrible, terrible, very bad crusts. -Kristen

Purchase the Lunch Punch set at Sweet Mady’s or Lindentree Boutique

[thanks mujes!]

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