Shirin Kids ruffle shoulder tee
If you watch Project Runway (and if you don’t, you’re dead to me) then you know that shoulders are the new black. All the fall fashions seem to be drawing attention to shoulders in some way, and now baby clothes are in on the bandwagon too. Here, it’s the ruffled sleeved organic tees from Shirin Kids, courtesy NYC artist Shirin Roubeni.

(Do not even click over if you’re on a tight budget. Seriously, you’ve been warned.)

These shirts are remarkable in person – like couture tees, if there is such a thing. They’re beefy and soft with gorgeous hand silkscreened prints that make each shirt a piece of wearable art. And those little ruffled sleeves are just plain cute. There’s also long-sleeve tee in supima cotton (not organic) but if the ruffles aren’t your thing, the hand-silkscreened thermals for kids are pretty darn awesome. And also expensive. But did I say awesome?

And that is the reason they made fairy godmothers. Or generous grandmothers at birthday time. –Liz

Find the very funky tees for babies and children at Shirin Kids and save 20% with code COOLMOMPICKS20

Congratulations to Marcelle C., lucky winner of the ruffled sleeved organic tee from Shirin Kids!

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