Telling your child to grab a marker and go scribble on the walls is right up there with asking them to run with scissors. Unless you’re talking about Idea Paint, which basically turns any surface into a dry erase board.

It’s easy to apply; just prime a surface with the primer in the Idea Paint Kit and paint. The materials are free of lead, asbestos and formaldehyde, but I would keep the kids away from it until it’s fully dry. When it does, grab a bunch of colorful dry erase markers and your kids are ready for a life-size game of hangman on the playroom wall, or just leaving silly notes on their bedroom door. Or try it on a
craft table, on toy boxes, even the refrigerator. No more searching for
your shopping list and family calendar. Yay.

Best of all is, when your third grader writes, Josh is a butt head, all you have to do is grab your trusty eraser and get rid of it–while secretly being proud he knew that butt was spelled with two T’s. -Betsy

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