Glow in the dark dinosaur onesie
I used to feel bad when my baby wasn’t the only one sporting holiday themed clothing. But when your kid only has a week to wear it, it’s really not the smartest budget choice anyway.

So here’s a way to stretch a buck — grab something that works for Halloween and the rest of the fall – like this adorable dinosaur baby onesie from mom-owned boutique Cattiwampus. Made from super soft organic cotton and designed by artist Rebecca Foster, this spooky T-rex glows in the dark, making it a fun Halloween choice that’s different from your standard issue bats and jack-o-lanterns. Plus if you’re not into dressing your 3-month-old baby up in an uncomfortable costume, this onesie would definitely suffice.  -Kristen

Visit Cattiwampus for a wide selection of unique gifts and clothes for kids.

Congratulations to Jenny R., lucky winner of the Dinosaur onesie from Cattiwampus!

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