The Harmonica Pocket's Ladybug One CD for kids
Any band that uses solar power to make their CD then encourages people to copy it for their friends makes me feel all warm and fuzzy before I’ve even heard a note. Thankfully, The Harmonica Pocket‘s new kids’ music CD, Ladybug One, is filled with such cool, trippy harmonies and smart, offbeat lyrics, it’s as satisfying as all their do-gooding.

Starting with the sultry, lush Firefly which has me wishing for a hot summer’s night, Ladybug One moves into my fave, the bouncy Spider in my Breakfast–a lot more adorable than it sounds, and my kids find the lyrics hilarious. My tree-hugging spirit loved the lovely, yet spirited, One Tree Said which reminds us to not be so greedy. And even though The Harmonica Pocket uses just about every crazy instrument you can imagine, like a waterphone, toy piano and even a hula hoop, their sound comes together in such a way that feels cohesive and totally natural.

Just make sure you save the super-mellow lullaby portion of this 16-song CD for bedtime, and not the drive to school. -Christina

You’ll find the Ladybug One kids’ album from The Harmonica Pocket at The Pokey Pup and CD Baby.

Congratulations to Cindi H., winner of a copy of the Ladybug One CD!

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