Waddle! by Rufus Butler SederI am so excited about artist Rufus Butler Seder’s third “scanimation” book, Waddle!. Um, I mean my kids are.

If you’re not familiar with these so cool they’re almost magic books, they blend engaging rhyming prose about animals with graphic images that give the illusion of animating when the previous page is turned. My kids can hardly resist acting out the alliterative, evocative descriptions, whether they’re prancing like a pig or slithering like a snake, and it is probably the only thing keeping them from fighting over who gets to turn the page next. Plus the cheeky ending about a chomping crocodile had them erupting in giggles.

Unlike the previous scanimation books, Gallop! and Swing!, the animals in Waddle! are now in color. It seems to be a big selling point for the publisher; but really, with words so colorful and a gimmick so very neato, it hardly matters at all. –Liz

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