Bumbo Potty Seat
Potties aren’t exactly the kind of item that gets me all excited, but I when I saw the new Bumbo Potty Seat at the recent ABC Kids trade show I actually did a double take, then backtracked to check it out.

I loved our Bumbo baby seat when the girls were little, and so it makes sense to have an item to help kids transition easily from the seat to the um, seat.

As one of the Bumbo guys told me, it’s easy for him to tell his son “Go sit on your Bumbo!” when it’s potty time, and provided he doesn’t get confused and poop in the wrong one (ew) it seems like a good plan. Besides, that foamy, cushy stuff is so comfy, I wouldn’t mind if they made them for adults. TMI?

Bumbo potty seats are $29-ish on the Bumbo site, so if you see them for $39 elsewhere, just walk away quickly.  –Liz

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