Crazyoleez crayonsI’m always on the lookout for goodie bag favors that aren’t mini plastic Slinkies from the dollar store. And last week I discovered the adorable Crazyoleez crayons and I thought, now there’s a winner.

Two passionate moms essentially melt all sorts of crayon colors into molds shaped like letters, footballs, butterflies, letters of the alphabet – you name it – creating a whole new crazy kind of crayon. Crazyoleez, get it? They’re not actually recycled which helps them guarantee they’re within appropriate lead limits. They’re particularly great when you’re dealing with a big space and kids can see how the color keeps changing depending how they’re holding it, so get out a big roll at your next playdate and let them go to town.

The website is about as basic as it gets but don’t let that discourage you from shopping around. You’ll also find packs of pumpkins/leaves which would be great for any upcoming Halloween parties, and then holiday shapes that look an awful lot like psychedelic Christmas cookies. Don’t eat the brown snowman! Heh. –Liz

For great goodie bag favors, try Crazyoleez crayons