My daughter’s going through a growth spurt, and any jeans without those little adjustable waist button-and-elastic dojobbies tend to sag to her rear’s danger zone without an actual belt. I’ve spent the past several weeks plying her with all the pleather monstrosities that came with her jeans. “But Mommy!” she cries. “I hate belts!”

Well. She used to. Then I showed her the rock themed children’s leather belts and belt buckles that Cutie and Patootie sent my way that, like, totally rocked her world. The belt buckles are Joan Jett big, and see that record over there? It actually spins, which is sure to make my girl the hit of schoolyard this year. Yours too, if she’s between a 2T and 12Y.

Recessionista tip: The leather is thin enough to double it up under kid-sized belt loops; get a larger size that your little rock star can continue to grow into. -Rita

Get your rock-and-roll belts for kids at Cutie and Patootie

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