Frye Dorado Riding BootTogether in NYC this week, Kristen and I browsed a few boutiques and noticed that Frye Boots are making a crazy comeback. I still remember my first pair back in the early 80s, and how sad I was when I outgrew them. And could no longer wear them with prairie skirts and a Ralph Lauren sweater. Ahem.

The Frye Women’s Boots make a great investment for moms (and yes, they’re an investment) because they’re comfy, they’ll only get better with age, and they help you rock the jeans way better than any pair of sneakers. Seriously, stop relying on those sneakers so much mamas, unless you’re actually on your way to the gym.

That Dorado Riding Boot is super hot, even if it does cost as much as some monthly mortgages. Like all their boots they’re entirely handmade and the leather is the cream of the crop. I also like the pseudo-motorcycle boot called the Heath which would be funky with thick tights and an above-the-knee skirt.

Frye has some great boots for kids too, starting at size 10. If you’ve got a second–or third–child to hand them down to, they’re not as hard to justify as you might think. –Liz

Find new Frye Boots for women and kids online at Frye