Felt play food - handmade, kid-safe
When I was young, I loved playing house. Tea parties and market
shopping were two of my favorite things. I had no idea I was practicing
chores I would have to do the rest of my life.

Aaaaanyway, felt food is always such a fantastic children’s toy, and the handmade play food sets we’ve featured here are just adorable. So realistic and beautifully made.

The pancakes (above) made by BugNikDesigns
look good enough to eat. She makes versions with strawberries or
blueberries or two sunny side up eggs you can plop right on top.

Felt play food - apples, oranges, bananas

I love this felt play fruit by Umecrafts.
This item is actually a pattern you can download to make felt food yourself — it would be a great family craft project to share with older kids. The
apple and orange segments go together to make a whole fruit and the
banana peel is removable.
Felt play food for kids - pizza

What kid (or adult) doesn’t love pepperoni pizza? Me, actually — but I’m in luck, because the pepperoni is removable and I can have plain cheese! Thanks, Bug Bites Play Food.

Sushi felt food play set from PACHOM

If your child is a sushi lover, they are going to love this sushi felt food set from Montreal’s PACHOM which even comes with a dollop of wasabi and some pickled ginger.

Pretend stuffed turkey for kids

With Thanksgiving coming up, this stuffed turkey from Bug Bites Play Food is just wonderful and it’s made from ecospun felt made from recycled bottles. It even has removable drumsticks that velcro on, but the “stuffing” means it’s probably not great for kids under two. Although it is guaranteed not give you a Tryptophan hangover in the morning. –Leah

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