Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby FoodThanks to smart people figuring out that baby food doesn’t have to taste like garbage, I no longer have to cringe every time it’s mealtime for my 11-month-old. But now, baby food is so darn tasty that my older kids can’t stop eating it either.

Created by a dad for his daughter, the UK-based Ella’s Kitchen baby food is hopping the pond for its US debut. And lucky us – this 100% organic baby food is chock full of fruits and veggies in a handy resealable pack.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeCombos like broccoli, pears, and peas (oh my!) might seem odd, but actually, they’re pretty darn tasty. The squeezable toddler smoothie fruits are called “The Red One” and “The Yellow One” (named by a kid, can you tell?) and they’re perfect for school lunches or snack time. Although I’ve found that my older kids will just as soon suck down any of them, even the ones with the veggies. Score. -Kristen

Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food is available exclusively in the U.S. at Babies R Us. For now.