Harvey's Seatbelt Camo Diaper Bag
During my days as a funky bottle-cap belt and Chuck wearing singleton, Harveys seatbelt bags made from actual seatbelts were it. And apparently, they still are, but now for the hip baby mamas.

While their exclusive Camo bag (my fave) is pretty sizable, I love how it’s not ridiculously deep. Which means it’s roomy but not to the point where you’ll feel like Mary Poppins reaching into her carpet bag when you need to find a binky. And you’ll find plenty of pockets, plus a coordinating changing pad, just in case you want to feel like you’re carrying an “official” diaper bag.

While the silver feet probably preclude it from being a “dude bag,” the Camo bag from Harveys is one of those diaper bags that a guy wouldn’t mind being seen using–which means less baby gear you have to transfer back and forth between your own bag and whatever he deems acceptable to carry. It’s a veritable peacekeeper. Sold. -Kristen

Find a slew of cool seatbelt bags at Harveys.

Congratulations to Jennifer K., lucky winner of the Harveys Camo bag!

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