Vote for Cool Mom Picks in the MommyBlog Awards
We were very happy to find Cool Mom Picks on the shortlist for best fashion mommy blog on The Bump. But we were more excited when we realized that if we win our category, we could win a $100 gift certificate to Pottery Barn Kids . . . and then give it to one of you.

You know how much we like giving things away, after all.

So click over and vote (as often as you’d like it would seem, for some reason) and we’d be happy. There’s no registration or anything. Just clicking. Easy. And if we win? We’ll announce it here and give you a chance to win that gift card.

Good luck to both of us!

And thank to the Bump readers for nominating us in the first place. We kiss your bumps from afar. –Kristen and Liz


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