Baby Booties from Nui Organics
The latest dispatch in the You Get What You Pay For department: The stunning new Kahu winter baby boots from Nui Organics, the wonderful New Zealand company that creates beautiful items from organic Merino wool using sustainable farming practices. These booties are no exception: In fact, the soft, high quality lambskin comes exclusively from those lambs that have died of natural causes on the farms.

I don’t imagine the laces will pose much of a problem for little feet — you can probably just slip them in then tighten the tops to keep the booties on. And the flexible suede soles is a nice little touch so that little cruisers can entertain the family around the fireplace in the living room.

Honestly, I was expecting them to cost around $90 so I was pleasantly surprised to see they come in at half that. While that’s certainly not cheap, man they’re freaking cute. And if anyone deserves a spare $48 this holiday season, I’ll go with a company like Nui Organics. –Liz

Find winter baby booties from Nui Organics at Hazelwood Children

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