The first day of Autumn brings to mind leaves falling and stark naked trees
and owls hooting at night. Crisp evenings and cold nights and noses
with frozen snot-drips. (Maybe we won’t talk about that last one.)

We found this selection adorable owl softies on Etsy, perfect for a cool evening of coziness bundled up in blankets.

The gentle-owl softies from Nooshka (above) are highly distinguished.
They do have a button, so probably not the best pet owl for tinier guys and gals.

This long-legged Hoot owl from YooWhoo has crinkly wings and fun contrasting fabrics to interest tots and babies alike.

This fuzzy owl named Elvis with interlacing wings looks very smart and reminds me of X from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. The Szarvasmici store has all sorts of beautifully crafted softies.

Owl Softy from KLT:Works

Now we know why some owls are wise – it’s their fashion choices, as proven by this mod owl softy from CMP favorite’s KLT:Works

Finally, we bring you an adorable soft owl mobile
for the nursery. No, your little one can’t snuggle with these fun
stuffed felt owls, but she can stare at it and feel comforted by their
protective overhead coverage while learning her colors and shapes. Pink Perch’s store has some other pretty great mobiles as well. –Leah

NB: Please use your own good judgment about the safety of these toys for young children, but one thing we love about etsy artists is how they stand behind their products.


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