I love that the eco-bag revolution has taken over to the degree that even the nasty, old supermarket in my neighborhood is trying to encourage the use of reusable grocery bags. But one thing I’ve realized is that those cute canvas totes don’t do a lot in terms of keeping the ice cream from melting in the back of your trunk. So it’s very smart that mom-run and super eco-committed Blue Avocado has come out with their messenger-style Chill insulated bag.

They claim it keeps food cold cold up to three hours — or hot, if you’re grabbing rotisserie chickens on the go. One thing I really like about it, besides the cute prints (and smart solids), is that it’s made from recycled materials. In fact, when you open it up you don’t get that toxic chemical
plastic smell that you expect from an insulated bag.

If the summery neon colors aren’t right for your neck of the woods, just today Blue Avocado has added two new colors: A fun plum and a kiwi (shown) that’s more subtle than the day-glo lime. Grab one of the Blue Avocado bag kits and you’ll get everything you need at some nice savings. And that’s not counting all the savings you’re doing of plastic bag, which may be the best part of all. –Liz

Find a great range of reusable shopping bags from Blue Avocado and save 10% of your orders with code goodgift10 at checkout

Congratulations to Barbara B., lucky winner of the chill bag from Blue Avocado!


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