Maternity jeansSure, you can spend hundreds of dollars to get maternity jeans from hip labels, but the cost is exorbitant and you end up wearing them for just a few months. (Or, hopefully just a few months.) I know there are more options around now than the ones with the panels that went up to my bra strap when I was pregnant, but still. Most maternity jeans do not make the wearer feel particularly hot.

What if you could take your everyday, pre-pregnancy fave jeans and turn them into maternity jeans… and then turn them back into regular jeans, later? You guessed it: Now you can.

So we’re now loving Denim Therapy’s Maternity Jeans, which aren’t maternity jeans at all–it’s a service that reconstructs your already broken in and awesome regular jeans with stretchy panels to accommodate your growing belly. Once your body’s back to normal (and yeah, it’s a new normal, but you know what I mean), they’ll take the panels out. Voila, you have your trusty jeans back as if nothing ever happened.

Okay; it’s not really magic, but it’s very, very close. -Mir

Check out Denim Therapy for their maternity jeans or the rest of their magical denim reconstruction services.

[via inhabitots]