WonderToast N is for Nigiri baby onesie
Believe it or not, there are kids out there who eat more than spaghetti with butter sauce. Some eat spaghetti and tomato sauce. Some even eat things like (gasp) sushi – and one day I hope to count my kids among them. So I love the onesies from WonderToast found at eco boutique Greeno Bambino which allow you to proclaim your adventurous food allegiances on your baby’s chest.

In illustrator and mom Anna Woltz’s clever alphabet (which come from the WonderToast coloring book), D stands for Dim Sum, G is for Guacamole, N is for Nigiri, and T is for Tandoori.

The designs are adorable — Anna cut her teeth doing animation for Nickelodeon – and the onesies themselves are as healthy as the foods they portray: Certified organic cotton short or long-sleeved onesies are printed with low-impact dyes in a fair trade factory in India. Kind of like the trifecta of ethical children’s clothes manufacturing. –Liz

Find the onesies from WonderToast from Anna Woltz at Greeno Bambino and UPDATE – they’re now available as toddler tees too!

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