Woodours Bears
Personally I’m a fan of the Deglingos dolls, though I understand the quirky hedgehogs and crazy-eyed lobsters aren’t everyone’s cup of stuffed animal tea. But the brand new Woodours bears from the same French company, Ebulobo, I’d imagine will be irresistible to anyone.

I’ve been excited to feature these stuffed bears ever since I found them at a trade show in the spring. They’re sort of a modern European take on the classic activity dolls that engage babies with squeaky bits, crinkly feet, teething pieces, vibration, and working pockets, but with great mismatched fabric accents and a cute, quirky look about them that gives them a handmade feel.

Easily the best prices we found on the Woodours are at Amazon, where you can find my favorite, the Woodours baby activity bear. I also love one I had seen that plays music when you pull the fish attached to his fishing rod, but it doesn’t seem to be in US distribution yet. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

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The daddy bear and baby bear play set (shown) would also make a really sweet new dad gift but even kids with two mommies will like having this cute bear family around. If you’re going to get a kid a stuffed animal, might as well be on that actually does something more than sit around and stare back at you. –Liz

Find the Woodours toy bears online from our affiliate Amazon where most qualify for free shipping.


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