Mix My GranolaMy no-time-to-think breakfast of choice is a crunchy bowl of granola, but the good stuff has so many calories that all I can think about is how much time I’ll have to do on the elliptical to work it off. But with Mix My Granola‘s Pringles-shaped tube of their crunchy, sweet and low-fat granola, I am rocked by how great a mere 127 calories and 2 grams of total fat can taste. Guess who skipped her workout that day?

As the name implies, Mix My Granola lets you develop your own personal blend of granola, a bit like MojaMix Custom-Mixed Cereal, but Mix My Granola deals in just one thing: Organic and natural granola. And about 75 ingredients you can mix into it.

My own custom granola blend includes chewy, tangy dried cranberries, blueberries and goji berries which I am suddenly seeing in everything, plus roasted almonds for extra crunch. The truly adventurous can add things like hemp seeds, wasabi peas, or even powdered enhancers that are way out of my league.

Just keep a steady finger and cool head when it comes to hitting the “add it” button, especially when you get to the section with tiramisu caramel chocolate balls or organic jelly beans. Never mind the cost you’ll incur by adding 15 things to your healthy granola, just think about the time you’ll need at the gym. -Christina

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Congratulations to Julie U., lucky winner of a $20 gift certificate to Mix My Granola!