Alex and Ani Expandable banglesIt really pains me to compromise my jewelry choices because I’m a mom, but when you’re chasing after three kids under five most of the day you just can’t wear the same delicate, dangly bracelets that get caught on everything if you’re doing much more than sitting at a desk.

Well thanks to the stylish line of expandable bangles at Alex & Ani, I feel like there’s a happy medium. These dainty bracelets widen to fit over your hand and then retract to just bigger than the size of your wrist. There’s a ton of metal choices – gold plated, sterling, even mix and match – as well as a slew of very cool charms to choose from, which can turn your fashion jewelry into a keepsake. And because they fit more tightly to your wrist, the dangling charms aren’t a hazard.

What I love most is that they’re appealing to almost every taste. Grab just one if you tend to like smaller pieces, or invest in a bunch of bangles for a bold, fashion-forward statement. Neither of which scream Mom. -Kristen

Visit Alex & Ani for their selection of expandable bracelets.