Especially this time a year, we love opportunities to get our kids, even the really little ones, into the idea of doing nice things for other people. So we were glad to discover that November 21st is officially National Family Volunteer Day which gives us a good excuse to get on that whole charity thing.

In honor of the day, Volunteer Spot which is an awesome website for those of us who have ever tried to organize a classroom holiday party or a Cub Scout field trip, has put out a free eBook on Family Friendly Volunteering. It’s filled with fun, simple ideas literally from A to Z,  that you and your kids can do together to give back to the community starting with A for Animal Shelter, B for Book Drive, and C for Children in Need. My son and I spent an afternoon gathering up picture books to donate that he has outgrown. Easy.

And in case I forget to call you Saturday, Happy National Family Volunteer Day! —Betsy

Family Friendly Service–Ideas from A-Z is available to download for free at VoluneteerSpot.


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